Re-doing my whole environment

I recently bought a new Kinesis Advantage 2 QD keyboard, which forced me to re-learn how to properly type (not that I were any good before…). I’ll probably write a review for it at some point.  Now that I have it in my hands I decided to make some changes to my development environment and,… Read More »

Grouping things together in Ruby

Say are writing a Ruby program and you need to group elements in a collection following some policy. Lets start with a simple example. We have a collection of numbers and we want to separate them into odd and even. numbers = [1, 2, 6, 100, 7, 32, 56, 3, 11, 8, 654, 123, 543]… Read More »

Mastering Roda eBook

Lets face it, many (if not most) Ruby developers came to Ruby through Rails. And so did I. At first, I was amazed by how cool it was. But after a while, I started wandering what else was out there. I wanted to go outside this ecosystem and into something lighter, and something less opinionated.… Read More »